A CNC machining quotation will be your biggest concern if you want to start a prototype project. Of course, you cannot compromise the quality of the product. If you buy the product at a low price, you will begin to worry about the quality. Also, you cannot purchase a product that outcasts your budget to ensure the standard. The choice of the proper manufacturer is as essential as the quality of the product. You cannot compromise any of this in CNC machining. Some of the factors that affect CNC Machining quote is given below:

Raw material:

You must dedicate much of your budget to the raw materials in CNC machining. The type of material can also affect the efficiency and cost of CNC machines. The price of stainless steel for CNC machining is high because of the usage of many cutting devices. Also, excessive safety measures and precautions are required to handle stainless steel. For this purpose, you need to hire a skilled operator that will also increase the CNC machining quotation. CNC machining aluminium alloy costs you less money as machine energy consumption is low. Hence, different raw materials will cost you different CNC machining quotations.

Dimensions of prototypes:

Dimensions of prototypes and custom parts play a significant role in determining the CNC machining quotation. The greater the size of the part, the more raw material it will take. High-quality raw materials in bulk will increase the total cost of CNC machining.

Geometrical shapes:

The shape of the prototypes decides the number of required CNC machines. Complex geometrical shapes require a more significant number of cutting tools and equipment. You should not manufacture delicate and thin parts using CNC machining. Thin sheets of metals cause the vibrations of CNC machines that can affect the tolerance level of the product. The standard minimum thickness of the metal sheet used in CNC machining is almost:

  • 8mm for metal parts
  • 5mm for plastic parts

Tight tolerance:

Custom parts requiring high tolerance levels consume a large amount of the machine’s energy. You cannot constantly manufacture the same type of parts with the same machinery. It causes machine fatigue and decreases the tolerance level of the product. The machine operator has to change the CNC machine tools to prevent wear and tear.

Skilled operator:

Handling CNC machines, large metal pieces, and metal sheets are complex. You must follow proper guidelines and take preventive measures to ensure the safe manufacturing of your desired product. Construction of complex prototypes and machinery parts demands the expertise of a skilled operator. And, of course, a professional operator will increase the total CNC machining quotations.

Quantity of the product:

Increased quantity of the product will eventually increase the cost of your CNC machining. The manufacturing of only one prototype requires the consumption of a large number of machinery. Most parts have to go through cutting, drilling, lathing, grinding, sawing, etc. This whole procedure increases the CNC machining quotation. Manufacturing the prototypes in bulk will significantly double or triple the cost of CNC machining.

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