Are you a small-medium business vicinity that is struggling to find a way to produce personalized lipsticks? Do you receive custom orders on various lipstick categories? Want to increase your productivity and return on investment? If yes, we will provide you with a unique solution: lipstick mold.

Lipstick is an important cosmetic product in the cosmetics market. It provides color, protection, and moisturization to the lips. With a global market size of more than 13.1 billion USD, lipsticks have a vast custom production requirement. All these points make your lipstick mold worth it. Read on to find more!

What Do You Mean By Lipstick Mold?

A lipstick mold is a device you can use to produce custom style or shapes of lipsticks instantly. It contains several slots. This device enables you to the number of products in less time. You can create a variety of shapes. The popular shapes include duckbill type, egg type, pen type, beak type, diamond shape, nail type, heart shape, or even custom shapes.

Why Invest in Lipstick Mold?

Several features it offers are enough to compel you to invest in your lipstick mold. The main benefits and features are as follows:

Aluminum Body

Aluminum material is lightweight and more durable. It offers greater resistance to rust. Thus, your aluminum mold will resist corrosion effectively. As lipstick contains various amounts of pigments, wax, and oil. Each has a different part of chemical, which may lead to corrosion. The aluminum body in the lipstick mold serves the purpose.

Multiple Cavities

The lipstick mold contains a lot of cavities. Some key cavities include 6, 8, 12, 48, 72, 96, and 100. The option exists to order custom cavities as per your requirement. You can also personalize the cup size. This will facilitate you in the creation of varying style lipsticks.

Convenient Production

The cavities are easy to fill and form your desired lipstick mold. You need to put the material inside the mold and let it settle, then unscrew the upper casing after some time. This will allow you to take out the lipstick without affecting its shape and appearance. You will obtain tight tolerances this way. Using this way, you can produce several lipstick articles.

Easy Maintenance

You can easily clean and maintain your lipstick mold. After each production cycle, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean any remaining stains. You can also use a mixture of mild detergent and warm water. This will lead to effective cleaning. Easy cleaning offers you to produce accurate shapes. Because empty cavities allow for maximum tolerances.

Longer Use Life

Every business person needs a product that lasts longer. Suppose the product requires frequent maintenance and repairs. It will gain low attention. This is not the case with lipstick mold. The lipstick mold features a longer use life. It is tough and withstands repeated use. It has zero effect on water, moisture, and higher temperature. It proves to be a worthy investment as time passes.

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